Rules for the Thomas Medal

Rules for The Thomas Medal

At the conception of this award in 1997, the medal commemorates over 50 years involvement with IIW by the Thomas family, first by R D Thomas Sr, then by R D Thomas Jr and their promotion of international standardization in the field of welding and allied fabrication processes.
The medal is awarded to an individual who has been involved in IIW/ISO international standards activities, and requires the presentation of a lecture that illustrates the incorporation of global studies in the standardization of welding technology.


The candidate must:
  • be nominated by responsible of Member Society and IIW Working Units.
  • demonstrate a degree of personal involvement in IIW work and have contributed to international standardization in the field of recognised by his/her peers as having actively promoted international standardization over a period of time. Note: A period of 10 years would normally be considered as a minimum;
  • be willing and capable of delivering a lecture which exemplifies global studies leading to standardization of welding technology, or one that makes a significant case for international standardization;
  • be considered as an eminent person in international standardization;
  • exhibit leadership in international standardization work by demonstrating abilities to build and utilise consensus in standards development;
  • individuals who are currently serving on the IIW Board of Directors and/or theTMB are not eligible for nomination for the Award;
  • the Award will not be granted posthumously.

The Award

The Award is a certificate which will be presented in the Opening Ceremony of the Annual Assembly by the AWS President. The winner will present his(her) lecture at a special session of the next Autumn Meeting of the American Welding Society

Thomas Medal Process

The IIW Secretariat will forward the nominations to the Standardization Officer (IIW SO) who acts as Secretary of the Select Committee for Standardization. The IIW SO will transmit them to the members of the Award Panel. The Selection, and nomination of recipients to the Technical Management Board, will be made by the Select Committee for Standardization.

The Select Committee will appoint a « Thomas Medal Award Panel » comprising at least three of its members, to review and select the nominee. If a member of the Award Panel is nominated, he shall immediately withdraw from the Panel and a replacement shall be designated by the Chairman of the Select Committee.

Application Requirements

No specific requirement

More information is available by contacting the IIW General Secretariat.