Rules for the Heinz Sossenheimer Software Innovation Award

Rules for Heinz Sossenheimer Software Innovation Award Competition

The IIW organises a competition every two years (odd years) for The Heinz Sossenheimer Software Innovation Award created in 2001. Dr.-Ing. e. h. Heinz Sossenheimer, Director of DVS – German Welding Society from 1958 until 1991, gave wholehearted support to cooperation with the IIW which he served for over 30 years with exemplary dedication in several capacities. He was IIW Treasurer from 1969-1972 and again from 1978-1984, as well as Vice-Chairman and Chairman of the Publications Committee from 1975-1983. In the latter position he played a decisive role in developing Welding in the World into an internationally-recognised, technical-scientific journal in the field of joining, cutting and surfacing. The Competition is open to modelling and simulation software covering any aspect of joining and allied processes (brazing, thermal spraying, thermal cutting, etc.) which significantly contribute to the improvement of the quality and safety of joining, cutting or surfacing operations.


Each Member Country may submit two software entries. Each entry must be submitted by the appropriate delegation; under no circumstances will a submission by the Producer or Distributor of the software be accepted.

To be eligible for entry, the software must contribute to the modelling and simulation of:
  • the behaviour of materials (metals, plastics and ceramics) due to joining, cutting or surfacing;
  • joining, cutting or surfacing processes;
  • properties of joined, cut or surfaced structures and constructions.
Software entered for the Competition must include instructions in English (official language of the IIW). A comprehensive written document which explains the software in the official language of the IIW must accompany the submission of the software.To be eligible for the Competition, the software must be available to the interested public. Entries by individuals who are currently serving on the IIW Board of Directors and/or the TMB are not eligible for nomination for the Award. The Award will not be granted posthumously.

The Award

The Award consists of a commemorative medal and the sum of Two Thousand Euros (€2,000), donated by the German Delegation. The Award is presented at the Opening Ceremony of the IIW Annual Assembly which follows the meeting of the Panel of Judges. The prizewinning software is presented during the IIIW Annual Assembly week.

Heinz Sossenheimer Software Innovation Award Process

The software entered is considered by a Panel of Judges comprising the Technical Management Board (TMB). The Chair of the Technical Management Board acts as the Chair of the Panel of Judges and has a decisive vote. The TMB’s decision is later endorsed by the IIW Board of Directors. The Chair of the Technical Management Board may at his/her discretion invite one or two specialists in subjects covered by the competing software to attend the meeting of the Panel of Judges, in order to provide its members with expert advice.

Application Requirements

A copy of the entry form, as well as one copy of the software with an explanatory document in English and the entry fee shall be sent to:

IIW Secretariat

Z.I. Paris Nord II

BP 51362

95942 Roissy CDG Cedex France

and must reach no later than 30th November of the current year. The copies provided may either be protected by Copyright or in the form of demo versions. To meet the expenses incurred by the organisation of the Competition, an entry fee will be determined on each occasion by the IIW Board of Directors. This fee is payable to the IIW Secretariat.

More information is available by contacting the IIW General Secretariat.