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Cameroon Welding Association

The Cameroon Welding Association (CWA) became a member of IIW at the IIW Annual Assembly 2015 (Helsinki, Finland). CWA is actively participating in the activities of IIW. CWA is based in ENSET Douala, encouraged the Cameroon Welder Team to take part in the Arc Cup International Welding Competition 2017, where the team won a Bronze medal.
Over the last four years, the Cameroon Welding Association has been actively promoting welding technology and allied processes at various universities, as well as cooperation between universities and industrial partners in Cameroon. CWA has successfully introduced the International Welder Specialist (IWS) training in Cameroon. CWA plans to join the International Authorization Board (IAB) to be able to provide qualifications and certification according to IIW standards. The collaboration between IIW and CWA has enabled CWA to provide a platform for sharing welding expertise, to promote best practices and to support the welding educational activities in Cameroon, by organizing seminars, conferences and industrial visits.

Cameroon Welding Association

Paul Kah

ENSET – Douala
The Advanced Teacher's Training College for Technical Education, University of Douala
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