Rules for the Fellow of IIW Award

Rules for the Fellow of IIW Award

The Technical Management Board (TMB) of the International Institute of Welding (IIW) has approved a Fellow of IIW (FIIW) award to recognize members of the IIW for lifetime achievement through distinguished contributions to the field of welding science and technology, and for promoting and sustaining the professional stature of the field. Election as a FIIW is based on the outstanding accomplishments and technical impact of the individual. Such accomplishments will have advanced the science, technology and application of welding, as evidenced by:

  • Sustained service and performance in the advancement of welding science and technology
  • Publication of papers, articles, books, and standards which enhance the knowledge of welding or the practice and application of welding
  • Innovative development of new welding technology
  • International field of activities/contributions
  • Professional recognition


Nominees must:
  • be selected by responsible of Member Society. A maximum of three (3) candidates per year can be nominated by each National Delegation.
  • have a minimum of ten (10) years’ active participation in IIW;
  • demonstrate qualifications and impact according to the following (in approximate order of importance):
    • Technical impact concerning significant contributions to the advancement of welding science and technology.
    • Publications of books, papers, articles or other significant scholarly works
    • Inventions and patents.
    • National or international standards for which the individual has made significant contributions.
    • Professional recognition including awards and honors from IIW and other professional societies.
    • Meaningful and sustained participation in technical committees, commissions and working units of IIW.
    • Presentations made at technical national and international conferences.
    • Consultancy – particularly if it promotes technology advancement.
    • Leadership at the technical society or corporate level, particularly if it promotes technology advancement.
    • Participation on organizing committees for technical programming.
    • Advocacy – support of the society and its technical advancement through institutional, political or other means.
  • individuals who are currently serving on the IIW Board of Directors and/or theTMB are not eligible for nomination for the Award;
  • the Award will not be granted posthumously.

The Award

The FIIW Award consists of a certificate presented by the TMB Chair at the IIW Annual Assembly.

Fellow Selection Process

Jury is composed by FIIW selection committee. Policy for membership of the FIIW selection committe is a minimum of eight (8) and a maximum of fifteen (15) appointed by the TMB Chair. Committee Chair is appointed by the TMB Chair. FIIW selection committee members must be qualified as a FIIW or as a Chair.

Application Requirements

Application form for the Fellow of IIW must contain the following elements:

  • A summary of the candidate’s contributions based on the criteria listed in Section 2. This summary should be a maximum of two (2) pages, ( *)
  • Between three (3) and five (5) letters of recommendation coming from individuals who have technical insight regarding the contributions of the candidate, ( *)
  • List of publications including books, book chapters, scientific and technical papers, and scholarly works, ( *)
  • History of participation in IIW activities: Indicate the number of years served on these committees, commissions, and working units and any leadership roles (chair, vice-chair, sub-commission responsibilities, etc.), ( *)
  • List of inventions and patents,List of activities for the development of national or international standards,
  • List of recognition from IIW and other professional societies
  • List of presentations made at technical conferences: keynote or invited presentations should be highlighted. List of consultancy activities,List of participations on technical programming committees for conferences, seminars, etc.,
  • List of advocacy activities.
(*) required

The elements 1 to 4 are required. For the elements 5 to 11, in the specific case, no contribution could be reported, by indicating “ nothing to report”.

More information is available by contacting the IIW General Secretariat.