Rules for the Walter Edström Medal

Rules for the Walter Edström Medal

The Edström Medal is awarded to individuals who have made a contribution to IIW, comparable with that made by Walter Edström himself. Walter Edström was actively engaged in the founding of IIW in 1948, when he was elected the first Treasurer of IIW. In 1960 he was elected President of IIW and remained in this position until his death in 1962. He was active in convincing industrial companies to send representatives to participate in the Commissions and he provided the first typing pool for those Commissions wishing to have a written record of the activity of IIW.
Sponsored by the Swedish Delegation, the Medal will be awarded to persons who, at their level of knowledge and responsibility, have provided a remarkable and distinguished contribution to IIW.


Nominees must:
  • be selected by BoD members, TMB members or responsible of Member Society.
  • demonstrate a remarkable contribution from a single outstanding action, such as determining financial or moral support, from a person not usually active in IIW.
  • demonstrate a remarkable contribution from a single outstanding action of a person being in IIW. This could arise from a distinguished contribution in the technical or administrative area, or in any aspect of IIW business.
  • individuals who are currently serving on the IIW Board of Directors and/or the TMB are not eligible for nomination for the Award.
  • the Award will not be granted posthumously.

The Award

The Award is a medal which will be presented in the Opening Ceremony of the Annual Assembly by the Head of the Swedish Delegation.

Walter Edström Medal Process

The nominations will be considered by a jury composed by the Members of the Board of Directors.

Application Requirements

A summary of 500 word the candidate’s contribution is requested to apply for the Walter Edström Medal.

More information is available by contacting the IIW General Secretariat.