Rules for the Chris Smallbone Award

Rules for the Chris Smallbone Award

The Chris Smallbone Award is awarded annually by the International Institute of Welding (IIW), sponsored by the IIW Members from Bulgaria, Greece, Romania, and Serbia, which are linked also through the South-East European Technology Transfer Network (SEENET). These IIW members are:
  • Bulgarian Welding Society (BWS)
  • Drustvo Za Unapredivanja u Srbiji (DZS)
  • National Research-Development Institute for Welding and Material Testing (ISIM)
  • Romanian Welding Society (ASR)
  • Welding Greek Institute (WGI)
  • Zavod Za Savarivanje A.D. (Serbia)

The Award is related to the key area of IIW regional activities and liaison with developing countries The Award recognises an outstanding individual who has made a significant contribution to improving global quality of life through optimum use and innovation of welding and joining technologies in their region or internationally. This contribution may have been achieved through involvement in the IIW, through an IIW Member Society or outside of the IIW.

A Goal of the Award is to facilitate the ongoing involvement of the winner in IIW activities, including attendance at the IIW Annual Assemblies and activities
of the IIW Working Group on Regional Activities and Liaison with Developing Countries (WG-RA).


Nominees must:
  • Be nominated by Members of the IIW Board of Directors, the IIW Technical Management Board (TMB), the IIW International Authorisation Board (IAB), Chairs of IIW Working Units, or by any IIW Member Society.
  • Be an individual.
  • Show how they initiated activities at a regional or international level, with the objective of the implementation of welding technology innovations to improve the quality of life.
  • Show in which way these initiatives contribute to the objectives of the IIW WG-RA, through the implementation of welding technology innovation, R&D, technology diffusion and/or education, training, qualification and certification.
  • Demonstrate the current and future positive outcomes of these initiatives and the improvement in regional or international quality of life.
  • Demonstrate a culture of wishing to regionally or internationally promote the work of the IIW and benefits of membership.
  • Demonstrate a desire to actively participate in IIW activities, including the IIW Annual Assemblies and the work of the IIW WG-RA.

The Award

The Chris Smallbone Award consists of a commemorative plaque presented by the IIW President during the Opening Ceremony of the IIW Annual Assembly. The winner will be expected to deliver a presentation about their regional activities at a selected IIW Member Society meeting, and/or publish an article based on the presentation in the next upcoming issue of that Member Society's professional journal and as an IIW WG-RA Success Story on the IIW website.

Fellow Selection Process

Jury is composed by FIIW selection committee. Policy for membership of the FIIW selection committe is a minimum of eight (8) and a maximum of fifteen (15) appointed by the TMB Chair. Committee Chair is appointed by the TMB Chair. FIIW selection committee members must be qualified as a FIIW or as a Chair.

Application Requirements

Application form must be supported by a 1,000-word report in English, covering the criteria and including, inter alia:

  • Details of career involvement in industry/government/education/research sectors.
  • Examples of involvement in relevant activities.
  • Examples of welding technology innovations in which the nominee has been involved, both regionally and internationally.
  • Ideas about how the nominee could contribute to further improving the quality of life in their region through both IIW and regional/international welding technology outcomes.
Any reference document giving background information too voluminous to forward directly to the General Secretariat. The IIW Panel of Judges can refer to such documents if it deemed necessary.

More information is available by contacting the IIW General Secretariat.